Thank you so much for seeking out my insights regarding your current pursuit of Destiny.

Your personal situation, and possible outcomes, are a bit more complex than the answer to a single question, but that is the true nature of “Living Life with Eyes Wide Open” , as too often in hind-sight, we recognize that as the Questing Party, interests may be driven by greater influences than just a single action or desire, as such, that which we seek, may not be what is truly intended, and the messages which are given may address a more important consideration, and because of this I believe there is deeper information to be shared, if one only asks.

Please Understand, in pursuing Destiny’s course through the utilization of the Arcanum/Tarot, it is important to recognize that the things you are dealing with have multiple outcome potentials – this is the way of destiny – often the answers we seek can present as less than we had hoped for, but, as in most cases, what is presented is only the surface layer of what is to come.

Always remember – that in living life with eyes wide-open, one should not simply dismiss the fact that negatives can lead to positives, and vice versa, ends are often just the signs of new beginnings … and if we wish to be true to ourselves, we must look into those elements, if we are to achieve balance in our lives!

Should you desire to take a deeper look into your path to destiny, please reach-out, I am available by Phone Appointment via a preliminary e-mail request to … (response back within a Day) -(Remember to include a call-back number & preferred time frame), as always it would be my pleasure to assist you on your personal journey!

Through Life by design,
Robert St. Cloud ICC.
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