May’s Thoughts

May -17

Greetings friends!

Well, it is May, and coincidently, the most appropriately named month of the bunch!    This time of year, especially here in Sedona and the Greater Verde Valley region, one never knows what May, or may not happen! The Sun may shine – may not, may be warm – may be cold. It may rain, it may snow, and the truth is, you just never know! But there is one thing, at least in Sedona, you can always count on, the majesty of the landscape, and the healing energies of the earth.

As the traveler enters the waning days of Taurus, and heads toward the contrasts of Gemini’s cycle, the mysteries surrounding one’s mixed emotion at this calendar junction, are easily explained – it’s the influence of Spring – soon to be summer. It is natural that we find ourselves in conflict with self, over the need to remain diligent, dutiful, and disciplined, when your proverbial wild-child is screaming to go play.

Remember the proverbial concession – all things in moderation.

I am stuck, it seems, on a word, so I will apply once more, a proverbial analysis – of sorts. A wise man, living with eyes wide open, acknowledges that to embrace resistance on any level, ensures that resistance will, in time, seep to other levels, and eventually, all levels will be submerged in resistance – and nothing can, or will be gained in that environment. If, one exercises resistance against those urges, those instinctual cravings, the struggle, and frustration will carry-over into areas of our life in no way associated with that craving.

An old adage comes to mind; “There is more than one way to skin a cat “ (I do not condone any type of animal cruelty), the point being, there are many ways to let yourself go “Play”, the actual gesture might be minimal, instead of Maximized, providing the experience allows for the basic gratification.      Play, like ego, is an instinctual tool, the emotional nature offers an outlet for pent up stress, the action nourishes our cognitive self, and strengthens our physical self … and what the heck, it’s fun!

Well, I’m going to take my advice, and go play, but, remember to be always with eyes wide open – don’t step on the jellyfish!

If I can be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to inquire for an appointment – send me an e-mail to:    I will generally, respond within a couple of hours – no more than a day- remember to include a call back number and a preferred timeframe for returning the call!

As always, it is my pleasure to serve as a guide striving to assist you – on your personal journey!

Through Life by design,
Robert St Cloud – Advisor

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An Ancient adjacent in a modern time!
An intuitive, a messenger, a guide
From the gaze of the inner eye, nothing can hide!

Robert St. Cloud, is a life- long intuitive, a child of fate, origin unknown! A student of ancient methods, he calls upon the Arcana, the Sun, the Stars, and the Moon, but relies mostly upon interpreting the array of impressions he is shown from the people with which he is enjoined.

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