Spirituality in a Manhattan

Spirituality in a Manhattan

A question was posed – “If all things, actions, or functions, have lessons of spiritual growth within them, ones which may be garnered, if desired, what lesson can be derived from the mixing of a basic cocktail?”   I thought, I’d take a stab at this … Consider the contents of a Manhattan – Whisky, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters, and a Cherry.     The three main ingredients, Whiskey, Vermouth, and the Cherry – all in their most common form, are sugar – (Translate to spirituality – peace, tranquility, and warmth – three angelic spirits) – (from the faith perspective – Father, Son, Holy Spirit – three potentates).

Recognizing that there are those cultures, which believe that we choose to manifest in mortal form, as existence in the ethereal (heavenly) state is lack-luster because, like liquor it always appears as the same thing, perfect, but essentially uninspiring – encouraging no growth or change.

Now, in the case of the unfinished Manhattan recipe, it would become too sweet, and eventually boring!     Enter the bitters, an element which serves to contrast (with everything – except BBQ sauce), the effect of the sugar.

From a spiritual perspective, we can see chaos as a similar contrasting element, in the faith based plain we translate such as the anti-Gog, or Devil!

Let’s reflect – too much of a good thing, can become undesirable, Too much of a constant state of chaos, can become the cause of bitterness … Too much unchecked faith, can leave one vulnerable to material catalysts … Too much devilment can lead one to discourse.     Too much of any ingredient in the Manhattan can lead to a lousy drink, and the reason your guest left!

So, my friend, what have we learned?       Balance, and harmony are key to a settled spirit, and damn important in the manufacture of a good Manhattan!


An Ancient adjacent in a modern time!
An intuitive, a messenger, a guide
From the gaze of the inner eye, nothing can hide!

Robert St. Cloud, is a life- long intuitive, a child of fate, origin unknown! A student of ancient methods, he calls upon the Arcana, the Sun, the Stars, and the Moon, but relies mostly upon interpreting the array of impressions he is shown from the people with which he is enjoined.

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