August Thoughts

August Thoughts

Greeting to you my friend.

Recently I have been focusing on the cosmic events which are occurring at present, from the luminous Red Moon to the now meteor showers, punctuated by a solar-eclipse – drawing out, and defining the influences these events have on the human condition.

The most prevalent of these occurrences is the arrival of the Perseids meteor shower – an annual event, which is followed- in this turn, by that eclipse (Historically an eclipse happens annually on, or about, this time, but is not always viewable to all who wish to see).    Such cosmic or heavenly events were for many millennium seen from an assortment of superstitious perspectives – an act of angry gods, or the coming of angels, a sign that the sky was falling, and the end was near.     However, science has since given us all a slightly less spooky perception, although most, even in the world of science, do suggest that this annual event is a sign, but one significant of change, change in solar position, and pending change in season, while also providing a clear affirmation of existing Universal Cycles, constant, predicable, recognizable, and ultimately, undaunted by the acts of mankind.

For many centuries farmers have noted the passing of the Perseid as a sign to begin preparation for harvest, and the time to start gathering fuel for the winter fires – perhaps an astute observation!    Eclipses, have been speculated upon, and prostituted by, virtually every culture, well since culture first became – Mysticism, fear, ideas of retribution, all sewn into a common and explainable action, but one of such unusual curiosity.

But I believe there is a strong message here about change in and of itself.

Astrologically the earth is changing its position to the sun, shifting the axis, and renewing the path of the orbit.  I would suggest that we are subject to like alterations as well.

It may not be by sheer coincidence that the event comes at a time when the moon is dark, or that in such darkness man is, in a sense, blind to the view of the material realm.

One might suppose there is a greater plan at work, perhaps suggesting that as one cannot see outwardly in the dark, one should instead attempt to look inwardly.

As summer turn toward autumn, we are each spurred to adjust our lives – change of habit, wardrobe, and of actions – weather conditions dictate such change, but what of the deeper concept of change?     Perhaps, if we do turn our vision inwardly and review our inner selves, we may also see avenues for change.  If upon review, we recognize things about ourselves or our situation which could be advanced by some alteration or change, would such change be beneficial– I would bet on it!

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As always, it is my pleasure to serve as a guide striving to assist you – on your personal journey!


Through Life by design,

Robert St Cloud