April Forecast – Tarot

Greeting to you my friend.
Once again, we find reason to put pen to paper, an act which some might suggest is outdated in an era of tweets – but I might contend that our lives, ideas, and impressions are a bit more elaborate than two-hundred and forty characters might possibly depict!

Thusly, allow me to be one of the first to officially welcome you to Spring, and the apex of the first in the cycle of four seasons which congregate to form our celestial year – the days are getting longer, and the temperature a bit warmer – in case you hadn’t noticed.

In the Arcanac world this is now the time in which we pass through the house of the Wand and the power of Fire. Spring is, by its own nature, a time of action, of newness, and of dispersing – striding out, all in anticipation of ensuing summer enticements.

Coincidently, the season is also regularly associated with actions of the heart.  It is said the flame of romance burns – be guarded that you do not too lightly fall victim.   As a practicing reader of many years, I have noticed a general increase in the calls this time of year, which address pending romance and new relationships.  Well it is Spring after all.

It is a thing of nature, and instinct that we are naturally drawn to find a mate and/or form a partnership, if such is not already present, if for no better reason than to have companionship on the path to the frivolity and frolic of the coming months. However, be advised, conditions of the heart can be transitional – romance can prove a fleeting experience since romance, in and of itself, is not always true love, but more like a condition of instinctual need.

With longer days and rising night-time temperatures, some are likely to fall subject to day dreams and fantasies. For time in memorial, various cultures marked this annual time frame for special gatherings, primarily to address the need for Trade Interaction – a time used by the ancients to liquidate surplus, and barter for things needed to sustain ready supplies.  Although, one should recognize that those celebrations, and social gathering served another purpose as well – they brought people together spurring casual introductions, and new relationships, thereby allowing those who were alone to initiate new unions.

Spring as a prime catalyst, presents an atmosphere of newness, babies are born, wells replenish, plants begin to flower, and the harsh emotional soil of the past seems somehow cleansed. The newness of the world around us tends to perpetuate a desire to start afresh, and in so doing, the cycle is maintained!
So, happy pursuits, and remember to be always with eyes wide open!

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As always, it is my pleasure to serve as a guide striving to assist you – on your personal journey!

Through Life by design,
Robert St Cloud – Advisor