Quest Arcana Page

Welcome to your first day as an enlightened traveler on the journey of life!

Here now you enter the world of Arcana (r-cain-a), one of my all-time favorite destinations – being not so much a place, as it is a state of mind, and not so much an idea, as it is a way of being. Whether a novice, a believer or a skeptic, what you will find contained herein are simple truths, long held and practiced for ages. These truths have been shrouded in obscurity – intentionally coveted and reserved from the common world by a select few, in order, to hold power over others.   However, that power can be yours to hold and apply. For the novice, it seems a lot to take in, much to accept, and absorb, but once one looks past the hearsay, speculation, superstition and the modern dogma – it is not all that complicated.

Consider, for just a moment, that life or living life is not really a great mystery to be unraveled, but the simple act of existing, being set to course by nothing more than perception and choice. What if, before mankind knew of society, class systems, political power, or personal greed – before we “evolved” into the people we are now, we as humans, understood what it was that bound all of nature and life together?

Recognizing that knowledge itself was originally derived from observation, or trial and error, and would have – through repetitive experience – provided some basic guides for first staying alive, and eventually finding personal fulfillment. If one considers that before we were nations, we were clans, before clans, we were families, before family we were one, and as one we knew only survival, then one gains clarity. Acknowledging that life is first about survival and subsequently cooperation through harmony, then, the secret to everything can be revealed!

You can start now, to become more aware, and begin living “With Eyes Wide Open”