The Interview

An Interview w/Robert St. Cloud

AN INTERVIEW – ROBERT ST CLOUD 1. Question – : Describe how you first found out about your abilities.

Well from early on I had stories, like movies which ran in my head, I enjoyed them, well sometimes, other times they scared me, when I spoke of these day dreams, the adults would smile, say things like that’s nice, or you shouldn’t say things like that, and go play! Eventually, I met a Mentor (long story), and things began to make sense. It was explained to me what these visual occasions were, and why they happened, and that this was OK, but that it was special, and I was advised not to talk about it with others outside the family, basically I was told – others might find it disturbing, some will find it threatening.

  1. When did you first discover you had an Intuitive nature?

Officially, in that context, not until I was about six years old, I mean it was never put in those terms, the premise was there – I suppose, I mean we all knew about Grandma– right, I mean knowing the phone is going to ring, or someone is coming, but it was not talked about in that sense. When I was very young the grown-up types used to basically ignore me, I suppose it was their way of coping, I honestly didn’t fully understand it, until I was somewhat older!

  1. Was there any special training to learn to use these abilities?

In a formal setting, no, not really. Although, once there was a mentor, some time was spent, casually, encouraging the general activity – guidance I guess you would call it, learning how to understand what the message was, in things I was seeing. Interestingly, no one ever made a big deal about it, it was all sort of a game that was played, just the way things were. Now, with the Arcana, or as you refer to it, the Tarot – well we played games with the cards, guessing the meaning, creating stories to match the pictures – I suppose it was much like other kids with simple game cards like “Old Maid’, you know – put the suits together, get three of a kind – that sort of thing, but in time, when I was old enough to understand the significance, these were also explained, in their truer sense.


  1. Was it difficult growing up with these special skills?

Isn’t growing up difficult for everybody, like I think it is a rule! Although I guess what your asking is, did the abilities add complications? Well sure, at times, but they also offered advantage. For example, wouldn’t you have liked to know what questions were going to be on the test? But then imagine trying to explain, that you didn’t cheat! It is, as all things are, a give and take arrangement.

  1. Describe your skills.

I am an Intuitive, or that’s how the text book states it, I guess I am just a person of deeper feeling, it’s like being in a state of constant déjà vu, each person I meet, is like someone I have always known, their desires, and their sorrows, fill my mind, as if they were my own

  1. What happens during a psychic reading with you?

In most instance, I simply – how would you say –change the channel, I choose to focus on those sub-level images in my mind’s eye – this thing is kind of like a window into a theater, where motions, and objects form like a reflection of events, and form a kind of story – the characters are often, seemingly familiar, and yet entirely unknown, well until fate arranges a meeting!

  1. Can you communicate with spirits who have passed on?

That is not one of my abilities, and to be honest, I’m not sure I would want such talents, kind of scary. I mean it takes a real special type of consciousness to deal with the constant emotional strain which must come with the activity – don’t you think! AN INTERVIEW – ROBERT ST CLOUD

  1. Are you able to turn your psychic abilities ‘on’ or ‘off’ when you want to?

Now that’s an interesting idea, “Turn it off”, but then, what if the switch broke, could I still turn-it back on? I have learned – over time to subdue it, put in the back of my mind, focus on the surface consciousness, but turn it off – No I can’t do that, and I think I’ll just keep things the way they are.

  1. Do these abilities ever get in the way of a normal life?

There you go, another intriguing question, one to which I will counter with, explain – what is normal? From my perspective, all of this is normal, I have never known otherwise, so to answer honestly, no it really doesn’t get in the way, as it is the way, at least for me.

  1. What is life like living with these abilities?

Generally interesting –there is seldom a dull moment! But on a serious note, there are a few issues, one is knowing when to offer the insights, and when to keep your advice to yourself, as often people you meet leave a very strong impression, but can be easily offended, it has to do with their sense of personal privacy – see no matter how much you think they need to know what you feel you need to share, they may not appreciate the input! Secondly, dealing with people who really only want the answer that will make them feel good, not necessarily the one they need to hear, or have it in their mind that you can see into other people’s thought, when those people are not present, connectivity is an important element here, I don’t do crystal ball telepathy!!

  1. Are there things in life that are easier for you because of your abilities?

I suppose, there are some side benefits … But don’t mention that to the casino guys…Promise!


  1. Do you think anyone can develop these skills?

Sure in a manner, I believe that we are all brought forth from a common ethereal plane, connected, and all knowing, but for most, this connectivity is repressed as we enter the physical plane, as we are simply overwhelmed by our basic senses –sight sound, taste, smell, and emotion. For some there exists a sort of doorway, “here” – is on one side, everything else on the other, in some cases transition between these two arenas is easy, for others, more difficult – do you dream, then you already know how, but practice is required, and learning to turn down your emotional self is an imperative!

  1. What type of mentality do you think it takes to develop these skills?

That’s a tough question, I suppose if it didn’t just come naturally, for those others, those truly seeking, it takes discipline, and intense focus, and I guess there needs to exists a strong empathic nature, sort of, you need to have, and hold real compassion, and the strength to handle the associated burdens! But remember, the first rule is you must shed the emotions, stay objective, because that part of our psyche will often confuse, and at times impart distorted signals, leaving one vary misguided.

  1. Do you read for yourself, or get readings for yourself, and how do you choose a reader?

Well I was taught that one never reads for their own insight, there is a quote “One is never blinder then when one perceives their own image” see it’s like you tend to put a singular spin on the given meanings, in other words – you see what you wish to see. Once again, it’s because of that emotional element which tends to blur our perception. Do I get reading from others, sure from time to time, but I usually have a good idea of what’s what, and between you and me, if I need guidance, I just ask my wife! Although, to the question of choosing a reader, I suggest you find someone, you feel comfortable with, simple visual instinct is a great start, if they strike you visually, they probably will do well, but keep the relationship in the proper context, friends are not good readers, they are invested emotionally, and like yourself, they may be prone to be skewed.


  1. What do you like best about working with Psychic Collectives

Well for the record, it’s no secret that I’m fairly new to the group, and as such, haven’t got much to draw from. But, the process is comfortable, everyone at the Center seems friendly, and supportive, and I enjoy the interaction, it’s different with the Center, you get calls from places you would otherwise never interact with, unlike the basic store-front type operations. I work out of my house now, instead of a store front, so no travel – no overhead. I do the readings on the telephone, so I don’t have to worry about “keeping the house neat, and tidy”, like when you are doing “face to face” readings, and I get to work the hours that suit my situation- day to day. I guess that about sums it up!

  1. Is there anything else you would like to share?

I guess just that in my experience, travels, and associations I have found that most people who do what I do – are honest, caring, and sincere folk, and like myself, they didn’t start-out wanting to do this, it is something which you are called to, and attempting to deny your destiny only leads to unhappiness.

To that I will add, when you come seeking a reading, come open –honest, and without bias, because you know, that offering deceit only leads to deception, if you are not honest with yourself, and the reader, then what you get in return will be as twisted as your deception, and entirely of your own making,

Lastly, I guess some clarity, I believe that ultimately, we are here to learn, to experience and to grow, each on our own journey to once again achieve harmony. Vary early on I was taught that we all retain within ourselves messages, those of a nature which can aid us on our life’s journey, and that this thing I do is simply peering through the veil, and finding those messages in others who seek their true harmony.

Article written by R. Banfield for INAZ Media 2014