An Ancient adjacent in a modern time!
An intuitive, a messenger, a guide
From the gaze of the inner eye, nothing can hide!

Robert St. Cloud, is a life- long intuitive, a child of fate, origin unknown!  A student of ancient methods, he calls upon the Arcana, the Sun, the Stars, and the Moon, but relies mostly upon interpreting the array of impressions he is shown from the people with which he is enjoined.

Some would say Robert is an anomaly, blessed with a special gift whereas, Robert questions if he is blessed, or burdened, gifted, or cursed, he claims none, yet all, explaining, that this is what has always been.

Speaking on himself, Robert simply says “This thing has been with me for as long as memory serves, a kind of window into a theater, where motions, and objects form like a reflection of events, the characters, seemingly familiar, and yet entirely unknown – well until fate arranges a meeting!”  Robert explains, his mind is in a state of constant déjà vu, each person met, is like someone always known, their desires, and their sorrows, fill his mind, as if they were his own.

Suggesting, that it is easier to gaze into the pure essence of another, than to perceive even the clearest reflection of one’s self!  Robert believes that we are all brought forth from a common ethereal plane, connected, all knowing, but for most, this connectivity is lost as we enter the physical plane, simply overwhelmed by our basic senses.

Ultimately we are here to learn, to experience and to grow, says Robert, each on our own journey to once again
achieve oneness.  Robert St Cloud holds firm to the belief that we all retain within ourselves messages, those of a nature which can aid us on our life’s journey.

Robert St Cloud truly believes it is his purpose is assist others on that journey!